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3 Tips for Buying Stylish Men’s Shoes

Any well-dressed man understands the importance that shoes can play in his overall look. Just as he must take the time and consideration needed to buy clothes that flatter his body type and complement his sense of style, he must also select shoes in the same manner. Fortunately, this isn’t hard. There are a few tips that can help any man step up his shoe game in no time.

Avoid Low-Quality Leather
Leather with a high gloss shine is typically low grade and will begin to show signs of wear and tear quickly. The texture is usually rigid and prone to easily cracking as well. Avoid this type of leather. Good quality leather is always supple yet firm. Another good way to spot quality leather is the aroma it gives off. A quality leather is never going to wreak of chemicals. It should smell of nothing but the polish that was used on it, in addition to its natural smells. Men’s shoes should reflect quality. Quality is a huge factor when it comes to style.

Avoid Extreme Toe Shapes
Avoid trendy shoes that have an over pronounced shape. Shoes that are too round, too square, or too pointy should be avoided. They can easily look like last years trendy cast offs. Forget the asymmetrical shoes that are best suited for geometry and choose the ones that have elegant curves that mimic the natural shape of the foot. They are far more attractive and timeless. It’s far better to sport a shoe that has a look and style that will be in season and style indeterminately because of its traditional look. Extreme styles almost always scream trendy. Trendy will always go out of style at some point. Men’s shoes should never be trendy. Trendy doesn’t carry the impact that stylish, sophisticated, and traditional tend to carry. Men’s shoes should reflect styles that do not look like they are about to go out of style or be replaced by the next trend.

Shoes should Compliment Your Clothing
It’s never a good idea to mix opposing shoe styles with clothing. If you’re wearing a sleek streamlined suit, a heavy clunky shoe is almost always wrong. Furthermore, a loose comfortable outfit or suit wouldn’t be well served by a thin sleek shoe. The shoe would disappear beside the weight of the suit. Make sure that your shoes and your clothing work together to achieve a smooth compatible look. Nothing can throw off the overall look of an outfit like the wrong shoes. Men’s shoes should always compliment the clothing they are paired with.

Men’s shoes should always bring out the best in an outfit. Cheap materials, extreme shapes, and shoes that aren’t compatible with an outfit work against your overall look and can make you look unpolished. A well put together man always has his shoe game on point. Stylish men’s shoes always reflect a quality timeless appeal and are complimentary to the clothing they are paired with. These tips can help you choose shoes that put the frosting on the cake and complete the look of an outfit.

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