Make Christmas Cards Stress Free

Make Christmas Cards Stress Free This Christmas!

While many people are taking advantage of the ease of sending off a yearly e-mail instead of a physical card, many people still enjoy the ritual of sending and receiving actual physical Christmas Cards. Where once this was a time consuming and laborious chore, however, the digital age has made it faster and easier than ever before. Here are three tips to help make sending Christmas cards a breeze!

1. Use an automated e-mail service to quickly gather and compile physical addresses

One of the most laborious tasks in the process of sending Christmas Cards is gathering physical addresses. While you may have up-to-date e-mail addresses and phone numbers for all of your friends and family, physical addresses are used far less frequently these days, which means you may not have them. One easy way to collect addresses is to sign up for an automated e-mail service like Mail Chimp. You can create a custom form with fields for address information to send to everyone that you have an e-mail address for. They can individually input their address, which will automatically be compiled into a downloadable database. You can use this database to input addresses into mailing label forms and simply print out the labels for use on your Christmas CardsĀ

2. Save a trip to the Post Office

One of the last things you want to do around the holidays is stand in a long line at the post office. With a number of online services, you don’t have to. You can order stamps online and have them delivered directly to your home or skip the stamps altogether and use an online metering service that will meter all of your Christmas Cards for one bulk price. Best of all, with a metering service, you can even save up to 3 cents a stamp!

3. Start early

While Christmas Cards may be the last thing on your mind in August, September or October, its a great time to start compiling your addresses, ordering stamps and start writing that annual letter that many people send in their Christmas Cards. There is only a brief window between Thanksgiving and Christmas and many people are so overwhelmed with holiday preparations that their good intentions of sending Christmas cards fly right out the window by the time December rolls around. You can prepare your Christmas Cards long before Thanksgiving, however, so as soon as Black Friday hits, your cards will be ready to drop into the nearest mailbox.

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